Proteins and vitamins enriched recipes which build your health

Currently, most of them are changing their food style to worse. Those people are eating only for taste and hungry.but you should not do the same thing. Because food is the best, medicine for both conventional and up-to-minute style. If you want to make your food as good medicine and build your lifestyle healthy. You should know the nutritional value of each food and prepare It according to your taste bud. Consequently, you can enrich your proteins and vitamins by the way of eating these recipes 

Detox Multi-color veggie salad 

Usually, salad preparation is very easy, most of the kids are like to eat salad. There is much variety of salad are available in the food industry. That is a green salad, rice and pasta salad, dinner salad, dessert salad, and bound salad.salads are mainly consists of two chief things. Firstly the.kale is the green queens the vital benefit. The kale is to keep skin healthy. Because it had the beta carotene, vitamin C, copper, and vitamin E. Secondly the chia seeds, helps to improve our skin shine and independent of sun damage, sunspots, and cancer.

Detox Multi-color salad is made by using the high protein content ingredients. Some of the ingredients are  Beetroot, carrot, grains, grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar, mint are the major ingredient in the detox salad preparation

Detoxifying  roasted veggies 

Usually, the roasted veggies reduce the fiber. Veggies have antioxidants, sodium compounds, potassium, minerals, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, and C.Veggies had high amounts of water and fiber. but it is low in calories. For example, while peeling the apple or potato the fiber was reduced by one gram.

Lentil veggie soup 

Soup is the best evening drink to all. It consists of an enormous amount of energy to keep ourselves active. It is a tasty alternative to a solid form of food. Soup is an easily digested liquid drink. Lentil soup is made up of lentil veggies. Red, brown, black, green, yellow color vegetables are considered as lentil veggies. It has a huge amount of proteins .calories and folates are also rich. It was easily cooked. The cooking duration of this lentil veggies soup is 5-20 minutes.lentils are consist of polyphenols, iron, protein, folic acids, and fiber. Black lentils are good to eat and improve the physical strength

Sweet potato recipes 

This sweet potato recipe is the usual intake in the evening time. Comparatively Boiling is the best way to roasting and baking. Sweet potato is highly enriched with vitamin A and vitamin C. The major benefits are of this recipe is to keep skin become healthy. You can acquire shining skin and smooth. It energizes the collagen. It is considered as good snacks. You can prepare this recipe by various methodology like 

  • Sandwich type 
  • Pancake sweet potatoes 
  • Salad potatoes 
  • Fries style 
  • Chips in sweet potatoes 
  • And drizzle

There are many recipes that are running the current days. You should give top priorities in the eating habit. To sum up, healthy foods will never let them down